Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Green light from Dulwich Estate

We had a positive meeting with the Chief Executive of the Dulwich Estate this week. Among other things we were trying to identify how and where we might be able to unlock useful new routes for cycling or walking.

At the moment the presence of railway lines and playing fields means that we all have to go 'the long way round' for many local journeys. Over time we hope to increase permeability through this area for those on bike and on foot, to make walking and cycling the quickest, safest and easiest choices for local trips to school, the park or to the shops.

Although we have the blessing of the Dulwich Estate to move ahead, there is still lots of work to do, both in getting the agreement and support of leaseholders and local residents, and also in designing the detail of any schemes to make sure they are safe and useful all year round.

Behind this wooden fence on Burbage Road lies an unused strip of land leading to the Velodrome and on to Dulwich Village. The land is currently leased to Southwark Council and owned by the Dulwich Estate. 

Southwark Council is supportive of safe routes to school so we hope they will help us bring this space back into community use, to link up a network of convenient and attractive walking and cycling routes.