Saturday, 9 February 2019

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods with London Living Streets

On Thursday January 31st, London Living Streets and the Urban Design Group held the launch of the 'Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Design Guide'.

Speakers included Christopher Martin of the Urban Design Group, Dr Rachel Aldred, the London Cycling Campaign's Fran Graham and Cllr. Feryal Dermici, all speaking to the reasons why we should strive to create low traffic neighbourhoods in all our communities.

Dulwich and Herne Hill Safe Routes to School was also invited. Dr Johnston spoke to our efforts working as a community to effect change and how exhausting it is to have to create safe routes one junction at a time. She highlighted the fact that we need a holistic approach. The School Streets trial at Bessemer Grange has shown that "One street is not enough. We need a network of door to door safe routes" for children and families to use, so that active travel is not just encouraged, but enabled.

You can read Clare Rogers' summary of the evening here, the London Living Streets report here and also listen to an audio recording of Laurie's presentation here.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Dr Ian Mudway presents on air pollution

Dr Ian Mudway of King's College London Environmental Research Group clearly summarised the evidence supporting the life threatening impact of air pollution on our school children and the wider community at the January meeting of Dulwich & Herne Hill Safe Routes to School.

Dr Ian Mudway highlights that the level of Nitrogen Dioxide in London breaches EU and WHO standards.

Dr Ian Mudway highlights that while the level of particulates in London does not breach the negotiated EU standards it does breach the WHO safe standards.