Friday, 15 January 2021

Schools support permeable filters at Dulwich Village and Melbourne Grove

 SRS response to Southwark Streetspace Phase 1: 16 December 2020




We write to express our continued support for the permeable filters in Dulwich Village and Melbourne Grove South which have now reached their six month review.


As well as achieving immediate road safety gains, we are seeing modal shift in Dulwich.


The gains:


·      Safe crossings, where previously they were dangerous, at Court Lane / Dulwich Village and Calton Avenue / Dulwich Village

·      Improved safety, as a result of a reduction in motor traffic, at Court Lane and Dulwich Park

·      Improved safety, as a result of a reduction in motor traffic, at Calton Avenue and Townley Road

·      Improved safety, as a result of a reduction in motor traffic, at Melbourne Grove south side and East Dulwich Grove

·      Safe cycling space on Court Lane 

·      Improved cycling safety on Quietway 7 on Calton Avenue and linking with Townley Road, as a result of the reduction in motor traffic

·      Firm evidence of increased cycling to school, including recent academic study by Dr Anna Goodman showing an increase in cycling, particularly by children (see attached), and school surveys of pupils, staff and parents


In addition, we are seeing an increasing demand from staff and parents of the schools for measures that will support a move away from cars, to benefit the environment and to improve road safety.


Observations suggest that there does not appear to be significant increased traffic congestion on East Dulwich Grove or Lordship Lane as a consequence, although we await data from the Council. 


Combined with the new school street at Hillsboro Rd, a safe route has been created between East Dulwich and the village schools. Combined with phase 2 measures, we have the beginnings of a safe route from the west of Dulwich Village Ward to village schools. Between them we are beginning to see the formation of an active travel network. 


We believe the evidence and trends to date merit the continuation of the trial.


We are aware of a significant amount of reporting from objectors to these schemes about consultation and the reasonableness of the measures, sometimes erroneously citing school’s support for these objections.


In response, we would like to say that we have been grateful throughout for the extensive amount of consultation as part of Our Healthy Streets and the ongoing opportunity to feedback views on the progress of the trial.


We are very closely in touch with all our schools and they categorically support the implementation of Phase 1.


It is inevitable that if we are to work towards the Council's climate target that car use must be discouraged. To reduce car journeys may seem unreasonable to some in the short term, but this is one means within the Council’s power of addressing its climate emergency goals and in the longer term will result in active travel, road safety and clean air. Therefore, we support these measures as part of the mechanism for achieving that common goal.