Air Quality

SRS is a member of the Clean Air Parents' Network and Cleaner Air for Southwark's Schools

The Clean Air Hub - A platform with information about air pollution

Air Quality News - an air quality newsletter

Breathe Life - A global campaign for clean air

Air Quality Action

January 2020 - Clean Air Day events help to double public knowledge of air pollution

London Living Streets - Your guide to responding to a local consultation

London Cycling Campaign - Climate Safe Streets: Delivering Zero Carbon Roads in London by 2030

Air Quality News, December 2019 - Reducing air pollution results in immediate health improvements

Air Quality News, December 2019 - Bike delivery service to reduce air pollution in London

Air Quality News, October 2019, London's ULEZ cuts NO2 pollution by one third 

Parliament Environmental Audit Committee 2019 - Our Planet, Our Health

Health and Environment Alliance, June 2019 - Healthy Air, Healthier Children

UNICEF Report, Healthy Air for Every Child: A Call for National Action

University designs pioneering air pollution screen for schools

London launches world's largest air quality monitoring network

Clean Air Parents Network

Clean Air Day 20 June 2019

Helen Hayes MP, "Solutions to air pollution have to work for everyone"

Southwark News, June 2018 "Southwark schools tackle air pollution"

The Dangers of Air Pollution

Air Quality News, August 2020 - Diesel car pollution is significantly higher in London suburbs  
Dr Ian Mudway 4 Feb 2020 "What is the burden of air pollution on our children's health?"

BBC News, January 2020 - "London throat": Toxic brake dust could cause condition, scientists say

Air Quality News, January 2020 - Air pollution from brake pads is as bad for lungs as diesel exhausts

Kings College London, October 2019 - Children exposed to five times more air pollution on the school run

BBC News, October 2019 - Who breathes the most pollution on the school run?

The Conversation, September 2019 - Air pollution in global mega-cities linked to children's cognitive decline, Alzheimer's and death 

The Guardian, September 2019 - Air pollution particles found on foetal side of placentas

The Guardian July 2019 - Billions of air pollution particles found in the hearts of city dwellers

The Guardian, June 2019 - London's toxic school runs: How polluted is the air children breathe?

The Guardian, May 2019 - Air pollution may be damaging 'every organ in the body'

The Telegraph, March 2019 - Air pollution killing nearly as many people as smoking in Britain
The Guardian, February 2019 - UK parents 'worryingly unaware' of damage from air pollution

The Guardian, January 2019 - Growing up in dirty air 'quadruples chances of developing depression'

The Guardian, November 2018 - Air pollution is single biggest threat to human health

The Guardian, August 2018 - Air pollution causes 'huge' reduction in intelligence

Science Direct, February 2019 - Exploration of air pollution and mental health problems in London based children
WHO - Effects of air pollution on health

WHO Head warns that air pollution is the new tobacco

Kings College London 2015 - Understanding the Health Impacts of air pollution in London

National Education Union and British Lung Foundation - Air pollution health advice for schools 

The Guardian, June 2017 - Air pollution more harmful to children in cars than outside

Prof Sir David King - Smoking in cars is banned, but children still inhale toxic fumes in backseats

Southwark News, Dec 2018 - Air pollution - family's self-imposed asthma exile over clean air fears

Here are sites where you can monitor national and London air pollution levels:

National Air Pollution Forecast & Readings- DEFRA

London Air Pollution Forecast & Readings - King's College London