Thursday, 12 June 2014

Fun with a serious message

Greendale is buzzing this week with singing and dancing, a bike-powered sound system, new chalk markings on the road and delicious fruity smoothies (blended with bike power, of course). The children agree that singing along to "Dancing Queen" is much more fun than the usual chaotic drop-off battlefield outside school. Tim ran a similar disco at Bessemer Grange last week and believes in using friendly pester power to rid parents of dangerous parking habits:

"We wanted to show how many people use the space on a daily basis, and how a small number of cars dominate an area that should be clear of motor traffic to allow all pupils to arrive to school safely. It was a rare chance to have the space in front of school given back to people to be carefree and have fun. Children love the freedom of walking, cycling and scooting to school and if it takes some pestering from them to get parents to change, they may have a thing or two to say!"

So don't be surprised if you hear children reminding their parents not to park on the yellow zig zags outside school, or on double yellow lines near junctions or across cycle paths. The markings are there because parking near schools and junctions during the school run is dangerous.

Please respect the road markings and keep the area clear: children crossing the road or cycling home need plenty of space to see and be seen.

Some drivers are confused by different signs, or think it's ok because someone else parked there, or because they will only stay a few minutes, or they have a vague memory that some parking restrictions sometimes have an exemption for loading. But it's very simple. Don't stop on these markings at school drop off and pick up times. 
  • never stop where your vehicle will cause an obstruction to traffic or pedestrians
  • never stop on white zig-zags at pedestrian crossings
  • never stop on restricted areas outside schools when prohibited
"School Keep Clear" yellow zig zags really do mean "Keep Clear." No waiting, parking, stopping, not even for a moment on the school run.  Not even to drop off or pick up your child. This isn't to inconvenience anyone, it's to keep children safe.

Double yellow lines mean no waiting or parking at any time.
All double yellow line restrictions in Southwark and Lambeth operate 24 hours a day, all year round.

Please keep these areas clear. It is particularly important during our ridiculously busy school run in Dulwich and Herne Hill, when drivers should expect to see thousands of children walking and cycling.  Or maybe even dancing in the streets.

PS Most people live close enough to school to be able to walk or cycle and are surprised to find it can be much quicker and nicer than sitting in traffic jams and then spending ages finding somewhere legal to park. Try it!