Thursday, 22 May 2014

From Crystal Palace to cricket bags

Has Walk to School Week inspired your family to try a new route or to leave the car at home more often?

Phoebe (age 6) and Olly (12) have been cycling or walking to school from their home near Crystal Palace this week.  Their mum told us: 

"Phoebe has the longest journey as she cycles all the way to Herne Hill School. We mapped the route. It's 3.37 miles. She's loved every minute of it." 

We're impressed! 

To add to the challenge, Olly has needed his cricket kit in school a few times this week. That can take some determination to carry on a bike.

So how do some children manage to carry a large cricket bag independently? 

  • For smaller sports bags (SB and XSB in cricket sizes) it's usually no problem to stuff the whole lot into a bicycle pannier.
  • For youth-sized or full-sized kit our favourite solution is the rucksack-style cricket bag - much more practical than trundling an enormous and unwieldy wheelie bag. As well as making it possible to cycle with your kit, it's also much easier to carry onto the bus or train, to walk with friends between home and school or sports club, or just to stroll to the pavilion.