Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Route planning

When you take a look at Dulwich from the air, the amount of green space is staggering. What a fantastic place to live, work or go to school.

Something you can’t see from such a zoomed out view is the mad rush of our school run, where >10,000 children cross a 2.5 mile radius each morning. It can be stressful and uncomfortable trying to negotiate busy streets where everyone is in a hurry.

To help more families plan active journeys to school or around the local area we have developed a route-planning map. 

The best way of using this is to have a careful look as a family, and talk to others about how they walk or cycle to school, so you can find out others' hidden gems and work out which suit you. 

The map shows safe crossing points - including those staffed by crossing patrols who do a great job of keeping an eye out for our children, particularly those travelling alone. 

We've also tried to capture some of the local knowledge of cut through routes that offer an alternative to busy, polluted roads. These include the many routes through local parks and green spaces. 

If you have to drive occasionally we hope you will consider one of the suggested ‘park and stride’ locations to reduce congestion and motor traffic danger near the school gates. 

The map has been developed by the Safe Routes to school group, with support from the Dulwich Community Council, as part of our work to promote safe, healthy and environmentally friendly journeys to school. 

We continue to support plans across London to reallocate road space to create areas where children can walk and cycle without having to worry about sharing a road with cars, buses and lorries. 

In the meantime, if you have a careful look you might already be able to achieve a pollution-free, traffic-free route that's quick, pleasant and easy for some of your regular journeys through Dulwich - and leave the car at home more often.