Tuesday, 11 June 2019

School Street Success at Bessemer

At a recent Cleaner Air for Southwark Schools meeting, Cllr. Richard Livingstone announced the very good news that the Bessemer Grange Primary School Streets trial will be made permanent, with very positive results recorded during the trial.

Rachel Gates, from the team leading the project, confirmed that a 6% modal shift had been achieved, with residents and parents all reporting that they felt the street is more pleasant and, crucially, safer. This fantastic result is due to the hard work of the parents and staff at Bessemer Grange. 

The regular meetings of the SRS network offered an invaluable opportunity to check in on the scheme's progress with the officers and elected representatives responsible and to discuss any issues. Thank you all.

You can access Cllr. Livingstone's report into Southwark's School Streets programme here, as well as learning how to register as an interested school.  It may be also be worth looking at the Hackney School Streets toolkit for further details of how the schemes are implemented.