Monday, 23 November 2020

SRS Member awarded London Cycling Campaign Active Travel Campaigner of the Year

In the London Cycling Campaign's annual Campaigner Awards, our Steering Group member and past Chair, Laurie Johnston, was awarded LCC ally Active Travel Campaigner of the Year.

Sarah J Berry (Railton LTN) and Susie Morrow (Wandsworth Living Streets) were Highly Commended.


On receipt of the award, Laurie said:


I'm really touched, but I couldn't do this except as part of a team, and I'm part of an amazing team: Amy Foster, Ros Walton, Simon Yiend, Polly Twisk and all our committed staff and parent reps.

I've learned at the feet of greats like Alastair Hanton and Jeremy Leach.

We are proud to work collaboratively with amazing groups such as Mums for Lungs, Clean Air Dulwich, Southwark Cyclists, Lambeth Cyclists, London Living Streets, Better Streets groups, the new love my LTN groups that we're getting to know, and more.

That's what makes it worthwhile - being part of such a great team.

We have such a great vision for the future, it's such a positive vision.

It is the future.

All you active travel campaigners out there are amazing. I love being part of it.

Thank you.


The full list of awards can be found here.