Monday, 12 October 2020

SRS response to Southwark Emergency Streetspace Measures, Phase 2

SRS response to Southwark Emergency Streetspace Measures, Phase 2

Our schools comprise 10% of Southwark schools but over 30% of Southwark’s Gold Medal travel plans. Our commitment to encouraging active travel to and from school continues. However, increased active travel is enabled by safe infrastructure.

The Streetspace Phase 1 measures, permeable filters at Dulwich Village junction, resulted in three dangerous crossings being made safe, improved safety at two other crossings (Calton Ave/Townley Rd and Eynella Rd/Court Lane) and anecdotal evidence of an increase in walking and cycling by children and their families.

The Phase 2 emergency measures on and around Melbourne Grove in East Dulwich have resulted in:

  • safe access to the main entrance to The Charter School East Dulwich

  • extension of the Goose Green school street

  • safe crossings along Grove Vale, south side

  • safety improvements at the junction with Melbourne Grove and East Dulwich Grove - reduced dangerous driving and safe crossing for pedestrians

  • a cycling quietway along Melbourne Grove, an important route to several schools

    Through traffic on Dulwich Village continues to be noticeable. According to Council monitoring in June, prior to the installation of the permeable filter and before the full return of pupils to schools, traffic levels reached or exceeded pre-Covid levels.

    The Phase 2 emergency measures for Dulwich Village Ward address northbound traffic on Dulwich Village as part of a phased approach to reducing overall traffic in the area, as well as traffic northbound on Townley Road and Burbage Road and eastbound on Turney Road to prevent through traffic from using residential roads as rat runs.

    SRS supports measures that reduce traffic and enable people to walk and cycle, especially those who may be nervous to do so, ensuring their safety and improving traffic flow for those who have no choice but to drive.

    We understand Southwark’s reasons for a phased approach and support a trial period to review whether further measures or changes need to be adopted.

    Our position is one of constructive engagement with the Council. Measures of success will include a reduction in dangerous driving (including speeding), increased safe space for people who wish to walk and cycle to school and/or a reduction in the volume of traffic to levels where walking and cycling become safe for children without additional infrastructure. This will in turn lead to a fall in local air pollution.